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The Websites of the donation Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin at a glance:

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The donation contains six locations:

Welcome to the website of the DTB Foundation (Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin)

Museum of Technology

Internal Photolink to the web site of the Deutsches technikmuseum: The "raisin bomber", a Douglas C-47 "Skytrain", on the north facade of the new extension

The Deutsches Technikmuseum is the place to find out about the history and science behind the appliances and things we use every day.

There are aeroplanes and ships to look at, and real railway locomotives. Watch a suitcase being made, or find out how jewellery is manufactured. Discover just how much else we have to offer.

Link zum Deutschen Technikmuseum

Project Technoversum

Internal link to the web site of the Project Technoversum - Graphic: The Technoversum in planning

The Project Technoversum is the museum's next major expansion stage.
In the Technoversum, the future main building, we will be treading new conceptual ground. The theme-related approach chosen for the future marks a radical break with the collection-based exhibitions of the past.

Started in May 2011, the doors of the new exhibition about (auto-) mobility are open.

Link zum Technoversum

Science Center Spectrum

At Science Center Spectrum you can try out more than 150 hands-on experiments to learn through play and discover that physics is fun.

It is here where young and old alike can also gain a better understanding of scientific discoveries and natural phenomena.

Link zum Science Center Spectrum

Archenhold Observatory

Photolink to the web site of the Archenhold Observatory: The building

The Archenhold-Sternwarte (1896) is the oldest and largest public observatory in Germany.
It has modern telescopes, a small Zeiss planetarium and the world’s longest movable refractor telescope, with a focal length of 21 metres. Exhibitions show the dimensions of space, the solar system and the history of astronomy.

Link zur Archenhold-Sternwarte

Zeiss Planetarium

Photolink to the web site of the Zeiss Planetarium: The building

The Zeiss Planetarium is closed since April 2014 due to extensive reconstruction work. The re-opening is planned in early 2016.

In the meantime we would like to invite you to our Archenhold-Sternwarte.

Link zum Zeiss-Großplanetarium

Sugar Museum

Photolink to the web site of the Sugar Museum: The building

The Sugar Museum is relocating!
Since 4 November 2012 the Sugar Collection is closed at its old location.

It will be relocating to the German Museum of Technology in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The updated exhibition is expected to reopen in the middle of 2015.

Link zum Zucker-Museum